Olympic Conference - GIG HARBOR, WA
with Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk
& special guest, KTTH AM 770 Radio Host Todd Herman

Oct. 22 & 24, 2021

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About The Olympic Conference

The Olympic Conference has been developed in response to the growing awareness among many people of the value for preserving the rights and freedoms protected by the Constitution both locally and nationally. This upsurge in interest and concern is expressed in a diverse cross-section of people and organizations. The Olympic Conference is dedicated to informing, connecting, and uniting people and groups into coalitions for liberty.


The Olympic Conference is host to workshops, seminars, and panel discussions where experts will share their experience and knowledge in order to educate, inspire, and equip liberty-loving citizens to influence their communities and region. From rank and file experts in their fields to media personalities, the conference will offer opportunities to connect, learn, and acquire the skills and knowledge needed for todays climate in the Northwest region and beyond. A grass-roots response to cultural and societal challenges is a primary agent of change and one that a free society is able to do effectively. This conference will equip and empower attendees to contribute to the cause of liberty and the freedoms the nation was founded upon.


The U.S., and our Constitution, which honors "individual" rights and libertys, is again in the crosshairs of culture. The intelligent framework of this nation is in how each individual, community, and state has the power and ability to map out their own destiny because of the Constitution. The freedoms and rights enjoyed by our citizens are often challenged by present cultures and government structures which seek to suppress or alter those freedoms with little regard for our standardized Constitutional rights that apply to "all" citizens. Lack of knowledge or a de-emphasis on the importance of protecting rights and freedoms has created a new set of challenges for Washington State (and beyond). A renewal of appreciation for freedom and liberty for the everyday citizen is needed in order to inspire the efforts to protect those freedoms. The ability to hold ones individual destiny in their own hands is the right of every free person in this great nation. The Olympic Conference is the regions first conference specifically designed to bring liberty loving individuals and organizations together for the common cause of restoring Constitutional values. Attend the conference where speakers will focus on the imminent issues we agree on. Meet new allies, build coalitions, learn skills, and find new ways to work together.

Our Board Members

Johnny Walker
Chris Stephens
Kelley Sutherland
Nick Baird
Kristine Cowan
Jennie Young